Something new in midcity

This thing we call life is beautiful and difficult all at the same time.

And while things are going well, it is easy to get into cruise control and enjoy the ride. But what happens when life really happens...

If we are fully honest, we have all experienced struggles throughout life. We experience set backs in life.  We struggle with anxiety, depression anger and many other normal human emotions. We experience death and loss of loved ones. We lose jobs.

Life can be difficult.

And when life gets difficult the worst within us can arise. It is in those seasons and struggles that it is vital that we are reminded that God loves us and that nothing can separate from the love of God.

At Mid City Church, our mission is to help you GATHER with other people to GROW away from your brokenness and GIVE your life to Jesus. Because we believe that in Jesus we find true, permanent, healing from whatever life throws at us.


Worship at Brew HaHa.


Gather in unexpected spaces to encounter the life giving message of Jesus.


Grow toward wholeness though life classes, discipleship groups, and mission opportunities.  There's something for everyone.


Give your life to Christ through servanthood and outreach opportunities.

Next Steps...

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