In Luke 15, we hear a story of two sons. One asks for his share of the inheritance and goes out to live life his way. The other stays at home faithfully working and helping his father with the family business.

After some time, the first son realizes that everything he was longing for was waiting for him back at his fathers house. As he runs back home, his father embraces him and throws a huge party because he has returned.

The other son gets frustrated. He wonder's how his dad is willing to accept his brother after what he did and is left wondering if he still wants to be a part of that family.

Our guess is that you can identify with one of these two sons. Maybe you have walked away from God and you are longing to make your way back to  a relationship with God. You are invited!

Or maybe there are some things that you have seen the church do and you have wondered if you still want to be a part of a church. Mid City Church is a place where you can come ask questions and experience church differently.

At Mid City Church, our mission is to actively share our faith through deeds and words so that others can find life and purpose in Jesus. We know that there is room in God's kingdom for all people. Whether you have questioned the work of the church, have walked away from God, or whatever excuse you may have, you are invited to be a part of this community.



Gather in worship.


Grow in small groups.


Give your life in service.

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